Welcome to JCHE’s Brighton Campus: Ulin House, Leventhal House and Gitta & Saul Kurlat House!

Ulin House, Leventhal House and Gitta & Saul Kurlat House are three interconnected buildings that make up JCHE’s Brighton campus. Together they create a lively and welcoming senior living community. This non-sectarian rental housing, owned and managed by JCHE, is located on a beautiful site just a short walk from Commonwealth Avenue and the MBTA’s “C” line.

The Brighton campus offers a supportive community that is welcoming to older adults of all backgrounds. JCHE celebrates the diversity of its residents, offering programs that bring the community together while honoring the cultural mix. Multilingual staff is available throughout the buildings to help residents access the information and services they need. The Campus has wonderful amenities including attractive and inviting common space, courtyards and grounds. Residents who live in Ulin, Leventhal and Gitta & Saul Kurlat House have countless opportunities to enjoy social, cultural and recreational programs that facilitate healthy aging.

Like all JCHE properties, the apartments and the amenities are designed to foster independent living. The campus offers easy access to support services for residents who require some assistance with daily tasks.

Ulin House, Leventhal House and Gitta & Saul Kurlat House have a total of 705 apartments, including studios, one-bedroom and two-bedroom units. These apartments are available to those 62 and older with income levels that meet HUD guidelines for subsidized housing.

The Gitta & Saul Kurlat House (formerly Genesis House) is currently undergoing a major renovation process that will transform the building’s 209 apartments into truly modern quarters.  

Our Staff

Meet Genie Belozersky, Group Services Coordinator

Genie started working at JCHE in 2015. She is in charge of programming and activities. She loves coming to work every day and being with the residents. Genie was born in Boston to a Russian immigrant family and speaks fluent Russian. She has a degree in Fine Art. Her favorite activities include drawing, visiting museums and spending time with friends.

Meet Sarah Green Vaswani, Resident Services Coordinator (RSC)

Sarah Green Vaswani has been at JCHE since February of 2005. She has a BS in Human Development and has over 13 years experience as a RSC. Prior to coming to JCHE, Sarah worked in programs and services for the elderly at Somerville Cambridge Elder Services, the Elder Service Plan of the Cambridge Hospital, and as the RSC for 144 unit elderly building in Roxbury. Sarah is responsible for providing support for our English-speaking residents and others, as well as coordinating our efforts to assist disabled residents needing reasonable accommodations.

Meet Lucy Tsitlenko, Resident Services Coordinator (RSC)

Lucy Tsitlenko has worked at JCHE since September 2014 and is a Residents Services Coordinator. Lucy and her family came to United States in August 2001 from Russia. While living in Moscow, Lucy worked as a high school teacher. She is married and has two children and when she is not here at JCHE you can find Lucy cooking Russian delights for friends and family.

Meet Clara Marton, LICSW, Resident Services Coordinator (RSC)

Clara Marton has been on JCHE staff since 1993 when she became the Brighton campus' first bilingual RSC. Born in Russia, Clara personally understands the issues that many of our residents face as they integrate into a new culture. As a RSC, Clara provides information and resources, helps obtain government benefits, and offers support to those without families.  Over the years, she has set up classes that have helped hundreds of residents learn to speak English and become citizens. Clara has a B.S. degree from New York University. When not at JCHE, Clara enjoys listening to classical music, traveling and spending time with friends and family. 

Meet Josephine Ng, Resident Services Coordinator (RSC)

Josephine Ng has been working at JCHE since 1996. In addition to the usual responsibilities as a RSC, Josephine translates and interprets for Chinese-speaking residents and staffs the Chinese Tenant Committee and Chinese Library at the Brighton Campus. She also serves as JCHE’s Director of Transportation, which includes planning trips for Brighton tenants and coordinating the use of the JCHE van for all JCHE sites. Prior to joining JCHE, Josephine worked in different settings, such as multi-family housing complex, senior center, probation office and family services center. She has a Masters in Social Work and a Bachelor’s degree in Social Science. When not at work, Josephine treasures her time with her husband and three kids.

Meet Polina Margolin, Resident Services Coordinator (RSC)

Polina Margolin joined the staff at JCHE Brighton in 2006. Before JCHE, she had worked as a RSC in different housing developments. A native of Moscow, Polina came to Boston in 1986. She has a library science degree, and is fluent in Russian and English. 

Meet Victor Louie, Resident Services Coordinator (RSC)

Victor Louie started working at JCHE 10 years ago as a bilingual instructor in the JCHE Computer Center through a contract between JCHE and the Jewish Vocation Services.  In 2005 he became a full time employee of JCHE. At JCHE, Victor wears many hats.  He is the Resident Services Coordinator (RSC), the Manager of Computer Centers for all JCHE sites, and when the need arises, a backup translator and events interpreter.  As a bilingual RSC, he works closely with tenants, providing support to them and their families. His home base is Brighton, but when necessary, Victor travels to other JCHE communities to troubleshoot Computer Center issues. Besides volunteering for the Chinese community, Victor enjoys fishing and watching sports in his spare time.

Meet Marina Breydo, M.Ed.,LMHC, M.D. - Dementia Specialist RSC

Marina has more than 30 years experience in Mental Health and Gerontology. Before she joined JCHE's team as the Demential Specialist Resident Service Coordinator, she worked for ten years on the staff of Club Genesis, the adult day health center operated by Hebrew Rehabilitation Center for Aging and located on JCHE's Brighton campus.

Marina graduated from medical school in Russia with a M.D degree in Psychiatry. When she immigrated from Moscow in 1996, she graduated from Cambridge College with a Master’s Degree in Counseling Psychology and Mental Health. Her background, education and experience help her to understand situations from multiple perspectives: medical, psychological and cultural.

When not at JCHE, Marina enjoys listening to classic music, opera, Broadway’s shows and traveling.

Meet Natasha Morecraft, Resident Service Coordinator (RSC)

Natasha has worked at JCHE since 2012 and joined the RSC team a year later. She enjoys the opportunity to work closely with residents. She also assists as a backup interpreter to help residents and their families who are Russian speakers.

Natasha was born in Minsk. She has a masters degree in Arts Management. Her favorite activities include traveling, visiting museums and spending time with friends.