Apartment Options at Shillman House

The independent senior living community at Shillman House offers apartments for a variety of income levels. The building's 150 apartments include 90 income-qualified apartments that are available to individuals and couples of low and moderate income. The building also has 60 apartments that are available at reasonable market rates.

In each household at Shillman House, at least one resident must be age 62 or older.

At Shillman House, all residents will enjoy private, well-equipped apartments as well as access to all community spaces and a wide variety of programming.

Heat, air conditioning, electricity and water are included in the rent.

Market Rent Apartments


The monthly fee for the market apartments range from $3,150 - $3,500 single occupancy, depending on the size, location and floor plan.There are no entrance fees. The monthly fee includes continental breakfast and dinner each Monday - Saturday; Sunday brunch; and bi-weekly housekeeping and flat linen services.  Many programs are available at no cost, while some, like the computer center and scheduled transportation services, are available to all for a fee.


Shillman House offers seven distinct floor plans for the beautiful market apartments. They range from one bedroom/one bathroom, two bedroom/1 bathroom; two bedroom/1.5 bathrooms. WIthin each of these apartment types, we offer several different floor plans. The apartments also differ by square footage; location in the building, including several corner apartments; bay windows and more.

One Bedroom/One Bathroom

Two Bedrooms/1.5 Bathroom

Two Bedrooms/One Bathroom

Income-Qualified Apartments

Shillman House has 90 apartments reserved for individuals and couples with low and moderate incomes that qualify under guidelines set by the U.S.Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Income for one individual the maximum allowable income is $41,400 per year; for two people it is $47,280 per year. Please note that these are based on gross income including pensions, Social Security, employment plus income from assests.


Shillman House offers two kinds of affordable apartments: Section 8 subsidies and tax credit financing. If you qualify for a Section 8 subsidy, your rent will be calculated at 30% of your adjusted gross annual income. The rent for those who qualify for the tax credit program will be fixed at a below-market rate. Please contact the Shillman House Rental Office at 508-405-8603 to determine eligibility. 

Dining and housekeeping services are optional and are available at reasonable cost. Many programs are available at no cost, while some, like the computer center and scheduled transportation services, are available to all for a fee. Affordable in-home assistance can be arranged, as needed, through JCHE's CaringChoices program.

A single person or a couple can apply for a one bedroom/one bath. Households of two or more people can apply for one of a limited number of two bedroom/one bath apartments. Preference for these units will be given to households of non-couples.

One Bedroom/One Bathroom

Two Bedroom/One Bathroom