Design Guidelines for Aging in Community

2Life Communities’ model of aging in community is not just in our amazing programs and services, but also in our physical spaces – apartments and “village center” common spaces. In our recent renovation and new construction projects, we have built on best practices in universal design and added a focus on adaptability while pursuing the highest standards of quality, affordability, and sustainability.

Created with support from the Enterprise Rose Architectural Fellowship, the “Design Guidelines for Aging in Community” summarizes our design practices with recommendations for each type of space, architectural specifications, and a list of sample products.  These recommendations come from recent projects where we weighed tradeoffs and discussed priorities among staff in resident services, programs, capital projects, and maintenance.

We wanted to not only document decisions and avoid “reinventing the wheel” in our own projects, but to make our experience available to others and contribute to a conversation about how buildings can best support older community members. Please reach out with questions, feedback, and stories of other age-friendly design strategies.

Press contact:  Leah Bloom,

Project contact: Rachel Belanger,

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