Each year more than three hundred 2Life residents dig deep to support us. Last year, their gifts, mostly $10 and $20 donations, made a huge impact, totaling close to $10,000!

Even though our residents’ median income is only $10,100 a year, they purposefully set money aside to show how much they value life at 2Life.

With three weeks to go until #GivingTuesday, we are issuing a challenge to our donors:

Match our residents’ generosity by helping us raise $10,000 in online donations on Tuesday, November 27.

Get ready for #GivingTuesday. In the meantime, follow us on Facebook and Twitter to learn about our unique Aging in Community model.


When 2Life Communities resident Jean Rubinson offered to write our year-end letter to our friends and supporters we were thrilled to give you the opportunity to hear directly from her.

Please enjoy!


Dear 2Life Communities Supporter,

        My name is Jean Rubinson, and I live at 2Life Communities. 

        2Life Communities. I'm still getting used to saying that name, because for the seven years I’ve lived here, and for the last 53, it was called Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly. But I am a big fan of the new name! I really am. Let me tell you why.

        For starters, I’m 83 years old — but please don’t call me “elderly.” Sure, I have the usual aches and pains you can expect at my age, but my age doesn’t define who I am. Vibrant? Social?  A straight talker? Absolutely!

        I’m also glad they’ve taken “housing” out of the name. This is my home.  I have my own apartment here.  But if I want to be around people, all I have to do is walk out my door. There are literally hundreds of activities I can join in to keep my body and mind in shape. And I love the staff! They know everyone who lives here by name, and they’re here 24/7 if there’s anything I need.

        Finally, what could be more "Jewish" than the very traditional toast "L'chaim!" — "To life!" It's so joyful!  Plus, this place I call home allows me to live in connection with my neighbors — and that's a timeless Jewish value that I treasure.  It's been interesting to hear my fellow residents — many of whom are from China or Russia — interpret the name as a symbol for a second phase of life. That works too!

        All the things I love about 2Life Communities are underlined by what Amy Schectman, the President and CEO, calls “a laser-sharp focus on affordability.” I have a college degree and I worked hard all my life. But if I had to find an apartment in the Boston area on my fixed income…well, G-d knows where I’d be.

        You should know that I was born in Detroit during the Great Depression. My parents immigrated here from Rumania, and I was the youngest of seven kids. So I know about need. I would get a baby bottle’s worth of milk to eat in the morning, and the whole family would have one meal a day at dinnertime. 

        From what I understand, this is not too different from what many older adults experience today. Right here, in one of the richest cities in one of the richest countries in the world, many of my peers have to sacrifice on food and even medicine just to pay their rent. That saddens me. And it is unacceptable.

        This city, this country, needs to ensure that older adults can age affordably and live well. That shouldn’t be too much to ask. But even after a lifetime of hard work, these simple desires are out of reach for too many

        It’s my understanding that you’ve been generous to this organization, and I thank you for that. But like I said, I’m a straight-talker, so I have to tell you that 2Life Communities still needs your help. The programs and services here rely completely on private dollars. And that means you

        Please make a tax-deductible contribution today, because the support and companionship that 2Life Communities creates are literally lifesavers for older adults like me.

        Thank you, and l’chaim, to life!


        Jean Rubenstein, age 83

        Resident, 2Life Communities, Brighton Campus


Open to seniors of all backgrounds and home to a diverse population of 1,500 residents, 2Life Communities is the senior housing industry’s leader in combating loneliness. By giving every senior the opportunity to live a full life of connection and purpose in a dynamic, supportive environment—we call this model Aging in Community—we promote successful aging, while shattering biases and misconceptions about older adults.

Our residents have access to a wide array of programs and services that prevent loneliness, improve physical and mental health, and provide creative and intellectual stimulation.

We rely on volunteers and individual donations to implement these programs. Please consider making a generous contribution to 2Life Communities so that we can continue to foster the kinds of loving and supportive communities that are critical to preventing loneliness and enriching the lives of older adults. Be sure to go here to learn more about the extensive volunteer opportunities we offer.