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Getting “Old” isn’t so bad!

Posted: January 7, 2013

My husband just celebrated his 60th birthday.  We have some very dear friends and family members who toasted him and wished him well—but almost always, they included the words “now you are OLD” in their wishes (emphasis added). 

“Old” is almost never articulated as a positive thing.  And yet, when one has a chance to reflect on life so far, at 60 there are many more accomplishments, deeper friendships and truly more wisdom and perspective than ever before.  Sure, we forget the little things like where we put our keys (OK, yes, he has been doing that since first we met in our 20’s, but now I do it too!), but we have gained so much from going through life’s ups and downs, the losses and gains, the joys and sorrows.

Working at JCHE I’m not going to deny there are many real challenges to the aging process, and it inevitably includes loss.  But every day I see the value of good judgment and deep connections that are built over lots of time.  I see seniors sharing that knowledge with children and young adults and loving to provide that valuable hard-earned perspective and guidance.  And I vow to help others understand how precious it is to have rich and varied experiences over many years’ time.

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