2017 Annual Report

This is the last annual report you will read from us as Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly (JCHE)! Don’t worry, we are still the same organization, and in fact, we’re stronger than ever. That’s why we’re excited to move into the future with a newname: 2Life Communities. Enjoy!

2016 Annual Report

We invite you to look through our 2016 Annual Report to see our many achievements from 2016, as well as the progress we made towards the goals outlined in JCHE's 2014 Strategic Plan

2015 Annual Report

2015 was our jubilee year. While in biblical times the 50th year was a grand sabbatical, for us it was a grand moment of celebration and reflection. And so we are proud to present our 2015 Annual Report highlighting everything we achieved throughout the year. 

2015 Annual Report 

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