Resident Service Coordination

Resident Service Coordination is at the foundation of all JCHE programs and services. JCHE has 12 Resident Service Coordinators (RSC) to provide guidance and support to our nearly 1,500 residents. Each JCHE community has at least one RSC. Many are multi-lingual to better assist those residents who are non-English speakers.

Our RSCs wear a variety of hats in the course of the day: advocate, liaison, mediator, interpreter, service coordinator, juggler and surrogate family member. Residents request information and support for a full range of issues. On any given day, a RSC may assist a resident who needs to clarify his/her Social Security Supplemental Income benefits; support a resident who is grieving the loss of a spouse; helping a resident decipher which letters need response and which are possible scams; secure a home health aide once a resident returns from a hospitalization; reassure a son or daughter about their parents’ well-being; contact a physician to clarify a resident’s medical questions.

JCHE offers supportive housing that fosters independent lifestyles. Our RSC staff strikes a balance with individual residents to offer the assistance needed while respecting their abilities to make decisions and remain as active as possible in the management of their day to day lives.

JCHE’s RSCs are exceptionally well trained and highly skilled. Many of our staff have their Master’s degree and others have a certificate in gerontology. Committed to excellence, JCHE encourages the RSCs to be involved in professional organizations, attend trainings, and work as a team with other JCHE staff including the maintenance personnel to ensure that residents receive the support needed.