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Betty Rosenzweig

Posted: November 5, 2010

Betty Rosenzweig moved to Golda from New York in search of good housing near her Newton-based family. She found the security she was seeking along with a limitless number of interesting people to meet and activities to explore. "I'm really attracted to the diversity here. It is such a rich and engaging environment," she notes.

Betty has been particularly drawn to Golda's learning opportunities. She is taking a class to learn Russian. "There are many Russian tenants here at Golda and I would like to talk to them with their language." The experience has given her a fresh perspective on how those from the former Soviet Union feel as they struggle to learn English. It is a challenge, but Betty is persevering. She carries homemade flash cards in her pocket so that she can frequently test her vocabulary skills.

She is also interested in helping others learn. Recently, Betty participated in a JCHE"s Generations together program to help children improve their writing ability. It was a pen pal program that matched Golda tenants with Boston elementary school students. Betty exchanged letters monthly with 11-year-old-Shakeem. She speaks with pride about the poem he wrote called "The New Kid." It was a perfect jumping off point to bridge the 70 years between the two. She told him about her own experience arriving at Golda as "the new kid". As she describes, "it wasn't easy but I made new friends and I am very happy here. And now I have a wonderful new friend and my very first Pen Pal Shakeem. I feel incredibly lucky."

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