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A Forgotten Tune

Posted: March 29, 2011

The first concert of our opening events took place at our new and beautiful auditorium in Genesis House. Three students from the Perkins School for the Blind gave an unforgettable performance on March 18. Their program included folk, jazz, and classical music. Three young men Andy, John and Anton showed their talents playing different instruments and singing Yiddish and Russian songs. At the end one of our tenants, Mariya Seletskaya, came to the stage with flowers. She told the audience that the flowers were for Andy, who she met several years ago thanks to her friend who was a piano teacher at the Perkins School.

Mariya came to the school to show her friend sheet music of a serenade by XIX century composer Moses Pergament. Mariya’s father was a fine violinist who played this music. He was persecuted by Stalin’s regime in 1937. Mariya’s friend played the music. Andy, who happened to be there, liked the serenade, picked up the tune by ear and joined the pianist with his violin. It was the first time that Mariya heard the piece. She was very touched. Andy played the serenade again for all of us to enjoy it. Just think of it: a XIX century composer, a musician persecuted in 1937, his daughter who never heard him play, and a blind boy who connected them and all of us together that day. What a beautiful inaugural event for our auditorium!

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