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Art Matters at Coleman House!

Posted: June 25, 2013

Thanks to the Bloomingdales Fund of the Macy’s Foundation, a large number of Coleman House residents are enjoying an engaging series of programs called Art Matters For Art. Presented by Cathy Lipson, this series is part of JCHE’s Creative Arts Program. Art Matters for Art is a program that brings museum art into the homes of the public.  Ms. Lipson brought many pieces of art, mostly Impressionism, and mostly oversized, for everyone to see up close and personally. Residents looked closely, and discussed each piece with Ms. Lipson.  After the program, Coleman residents continued to talk about the beautiful and meaningful art they just observed. The program received rave reviews: everyone felt that they had just gone to the MFA right in their own living room.  They are looking forward to upcoming presentations by Art Matters for Art. 

Elizabeth Reiss is Resident Services Coordinator at JCHE's Coleman House.

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