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Better than Physical Therapy!

Posted: January 25, 2013

According to research, more than half of adults over 65 have been diagnosed with arthritis and  approximately half of these individuals have limitations because of it. Shirley Lederman, a Shillman House resident, however, has a secret weapon to combat the debilitating symptoms that are caused by arthritis: the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program run by Francine Godfrey, JCHE’s fitness and wellness director.

“I feel so great, I’m ready to quit my physical therapy!” Unlike this class which strategically targets many vulnerable areas which can be affected by arthritis, physical therapy only focuses on one or two areas. Shirley said, “I want to continue these exercises at home so that I can be independent for as long as possible!”

Looking at these avid exercise buffs sitting on their chairs, it might appear that they’re just relaxing. Jumping in, however, you’ll find that even the exercises to promote circulation in your hands can be challenging. Packed into one class are tips on posture, relaxation strategies, pain management, and balance techniques. “While you’re watching tv, move your butt back and forth on the seat!” suggests Francine, always looking for opportunities to keep residents in motion.

This class was also provided in Russian at JCHE’s Golda Meir house.

JCHE’s specialized classes are underwritten by generous gifts from: the Lawrence J. and Anne Rubenstein Foundation, Liberty Mutual Foundation; Middlesex Savings Charitable Foundation, Fallon Community Health Plan; and Boston Scientific Foundation.

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