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Blue Cross Blue Shield Volunteers Help Relaunch JCHE's Resale Shop

Posted: April 12, 2017

Highlighting the commitment to civic engagement as a core company value, Blue Cross Blue Shield employees generously volunteered their time to help set up our Resale Shop at our Brighton campus! On behalf of all our staff and residents, thank you Blue Cross Blue Shield volunteers for all your hard work!

After a several months’ hiatus, we are excited to relaunch the Resale Shop, a destination for residents to donate and buy everything from paintings to tchotchkes to dishware. Because our residents’ average income is just over $16,000, the Resale Shop allows seniors with little disposable income to buy something for almost nothing, reinforcing the strength and vitality of our community, and helping to ensure that all seniors—regardless of income—age with dignity.     

The shop’s profits will be reinvested in JCHE’s programs and services that enrich the lives of our seniors.

We would like to commend Blue Cross Blue Shield of Massachusetts for their investment in volunteering. All Blue Cross employees have to volunteer at least once a year, and we were honored they chose JCHE for one of their volunteer events. If you’re interested in doing a group service day, please click here for information on how your organization can participate in our volunteer program.

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