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Beauty at every age: the fashion show at JCHE's Brighton site

Posted: April 21, 2011

Last week, nearly 250 Brighton residents selected seats in the new program center auditorium in anticipation of an exciting and innovative event. They were about to watch, smile and applaud as 17 of their neighbors modeled outfits.The colorfulness of the setting and the elegance of the participants resulted in a show that could almost rival the famous fashion houses! Each model selected her outfit from her own closet, including lovely gowns and stunning shawls. It was a celebration of beauty at every age. The event was fun for the models and audience members alike. Requests have already been made for an encore show next year!

Featured in these photos: Phuong Thai (red gown); Ida Ordyanskaya (wearing the lovely shawl); Vera Fridman (pink dress)

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Comment by Caren Silverlieb | 04/22/2011

Having been to many fashion shows in other senior housing over the years, I can wholeheartedly say that this was the best! The pride that showed on the models' faces was palpable. I planned to take a peak at the show and return to my desk, but I was captivated by the energy in the room and stayed for the whole show! Congratulations to the staff and the models for creating such a fabulous event!