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The Charles F. Bacon Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee supports JCHE’s CaringChoices™ program

Posted: July 11, 2013

JCHE Medical Escort
Medical escorts provide peace of mind

Many thanks to the Charles F. Bacon Trust, Bank of America, N.A., Trustee for generously supporting JCHE’s CaringChoices™ program.

For JCHE residents who need some support, the CaringChoices™ program provides a broad spectrum of essential services. These include case management, medical escorts, bilingual homemaking and personal care services, nutritious meals, and wheelchair-accessible transportation. Each of these offers residents invaluable assistance to better manage everyday life.

Leonora is one of the many individuals who relies on CaringChoices™. At 86, she suffers from macular degeneration and requires monthly injections in her eye. The procedure temporarily blinds her, causing Leonora to feel vulnerable and frightened. Lacking any family to take her to the appointments, Leonora occasionally missed her treatment. A JCHE Resident Service Coordinator encouraged her to use the medical escort program, available on JCHE's Brighton campus, and she now relies on it to get the care she needs.

The escort service offers a portal to assistance. The escort helps her get safely into a cab, pays the driver, navigates through the maze of the medical building, calls the transportation for the return trip,and brings her back to her apartment. Leonora does not need to be concerned about the logistics of getting to and from the treatment, or experience any uncertainty caused by the temporary blindness.

There is also an important social aspect to the service. Most of the escorts are JCHE residents and the program brings neighbors together. Some are former physicians who want to help others get needed medical attention. All are energetic, caring people who are eager to reduce the angst caused by visits to the doctor.

The medical escort program, like all the services offered by CaringChoices™, ensures that Leonora and many others get the support needed to make it possible to live safely and independently at JCHE.

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