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Coleman House resident Betty Franklin speaks to JCHE Board

Posted: October 31, 2011

Last week, Betty Franklin presented the D'var Torah at JCHE's Board meeting, sharing her experiences as a Coleman House resident.

My name is Betty Franklin. Thank you for asking me to speak this evening.

It's been almost 21 years since I got the long awaited call that I could have an apartment at Coleman House. I was elated and what a blessing it was. Little did I know what was ahead for me. Making so many new friends in my senior years ... so many caring people.

The staff ... Robin, Elizabeth, Sasha, Vicki. I thank them for all the compassion and respect and interest they have shown me. Their devotion is wonderful.

The security has been so reassuring, with Tom, and Donna and Tito, taking care of us when there's a problem. It's a comforting feeling for both me and my family.

The activities at Coleman House offer something for everyone. What to do? Just pick something: brunches, entertainment, movies, computers, lectures, exercise, current events, holiday parties, planned trips or shopping in our JCHE van. What more could we ask for?

To have affordable housing and everything else is something we should all be thankful for. Although I have had my share of health related issues, and my family has had their share of health related issues, I keep a positive attitude. When I was hospitalized, I came home to services that helped me get back on my feet. Because I keep busy volunteering at Coleman, and because I take part in many activities, I know that my mental and physical health have benefitted.

There is no better place to live.

Thank you very much.

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