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Community building in response to Irene

Posted: August 29, 2011

Like so many buildings throughout Massachusetts, the power has been off at Shillman House since mid-day Sunday. Inconvenient for sure, but the quick and thorough response from JCHE staff has kept the generator -- and spirits -- going strong. According to IT Director Bill O'Day, the emergency generator is providing power wherever it's been needed. Meals have been served to all (in fact, a BBQ is planned for tonight's dinner). Our excellent maintenance staff stayed over night to ensure that everyone and everything was safe. And this level of emergency-related oversight will remain steady until the power is restored! Congratulations to JCHE's great team for their know-how and concern, and to the Shillman community for their support and wonderful cooperation. Here's hoping the lights go on soon!

UPDATE 8/29 7:41PM - Shillman House now has power!

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