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Developing housing through the lens of happiness

Posted: April 22, 2013

Dr. Hans Becker, Chair of the Humanitas Foundation in the Netherlands, spoke with JCHE's board yesterday and many of Boston's housing and senior services leaders today. He shared his innovative Apartments for Life model that provides mixed income and mixed need housing to those 55 and older in Rotterdam. The residents' happiness is central to decisions about how the housing operates and what it offers. Staff and residents are encouraged to engage in a culture of "yes" that fosters creative approaches. This positive perspective enables residents to find connection and to live their lives fully.

Humanitas' buildings are lively with restaurants and bars on the first floor that attract the wider community. The Remembrance Museums and petting zoos on-site offer residents opportunities to reminisce and explore.

Dr. Becker's presentation was thought-provoking, stimulating interesting discussions about approaching senior housing through a more client-centric lens. Dr. Becker urged his audiences to be innovative and consider "using something that already exists in a new way."

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