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Dorothy Solomon enjoys her life at JCHE

Posted: January 11, 2012

Dorothy volunteers weekly at the Ulin House front desk.

When Dorothy Solomon moved to Genesis House over 21 years ago, she had a very good idea about what lay ahead. She had been working as a home health aide and provided services to many who lived at JCHE’s Brighton campus. When it was her time to make a move, she was an informed consumer. “I had looked around at many residences where I worked. I knew JCHE was where I wanted to live.”

Four years ago, when Dorothy stopped working, she turned her attention to volunteer opportunities in her building.  She manages the front desk at Ulin House several afternoons each week, greeting visitors and distributing delivered packages. Dorothy also serves on the Tenant Council, meeting monthly with fellow residents and staff to organize events and address tenants’ issues. She truly values her volunteer involvement. “It makes me feel more connected.”

When not doing volunteer work, Dorothy is often working out in the fitness center. “I get to the gym about three times each week – although I do tell my son that I go more often!”

Recently, Dorothy spoke at JCHE’s Board of Directors meeting. She was the guest presenter for the D’Var Torah portion of the meeting to offer the board insights into life at JCHE.  She talked about some of her favorite aspects… the porch off the program center that feels like a resort, the way that the building and the grounds are maintained. She summed up her experience at Genesis House this way: “I love it here. There is no place that I’d rather be than my JCHE apartment!”


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Comment by Bianca Piper | 01/18/2012

What are the requirements to become a resident ??

Thank you so much
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Comment by Sheila G. Solomon | 01/18/2012

THAT'S MY MOMMIE!!!!!!! : )