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Happy Purim!--A Special Message from President and CEO Amy Schectman

Posted: March 12, 2017

     Happy Purim! Seems like some redundancy in that statement since Purim is by nature such a joyous holiday. As we celebrate at all our campuses, it gives me time to reflect on the story and its meaning for us today.
     Purim is so much about courage and justice and of course the triumph of good over anti-Semitism.  Because Mordecai couldn’t bow down to Haman (boo, hiss) and maintain integrity in his Jewish practice, Haman decides that all Jews must be destroyed. And King Ahaseurus, unwittingly, goes along and is willing to spread that hatred.
     We’re all scared now about the rise of anti-Semitism here. And we’re all looking for ways to remain strong as a community. Purim is celebrated with many party aspects, but also with a strong imperative to “give charity to the poor”. I prefer the Hebrew word tzedakah which is often used as a synonym for “charity” but actually means “justice”.
     We can strengthen our community by providing all older adults with a chance to age with connection and purpose—in other words, with dignity—regardless of income. For our residents, with an average annual income of just $16,000, JCHE is what stands between them and a life of poverty. Purim is the ideal time to remember the important work we do of making sure our elders don’t get left behind. Please consider taking advantage of the tzedakah opportunity in Purim by contributing to JCHE.
With deep appreciation,

Amy Schectman
President and CEO

P.S. The picture on the left is of our annual Purim dinner party in Brighton, and the picture on the right is of our Golda House residents celebrating Purim with special guests, members of The Israeli American Council!  


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