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JCHE and CJP Young Leaders come together to create art

Posted: July 19, 2011

Recently, an enthusiastic group of members from CJP’s Young Leadership Division (YLD) joined an equally enthusiastic group of JCHE residents to create art together. With guidance from art therapist Tova Speter, they are designing and painting a tile mural.

The theme for the project is “Tikkun Olam” – healing the earth. The participants met in smaller groups to discuss what heals the earth.  They discussed a variety of ideas such as education, improving the environment and peace.

Each group selected a theme, and every participant painted a tile to represent this idea. Somewhere on each tile, the artist included a tracing of his/her hand. These tiles will be placed as a border for the mural. They will surround a group of tiles that depict a tree.

The participants who gathered for the afternoon thoroughly enjoyed it. Alla Roginskaya, who lives at Leventhal House, was a bit skeptical at the onset. “I am not an artist. I don’t have any drawing or painting experience.” That, however, did not prove to be any barrier to creating lovely tiles. She enjoyed the opportunity to work together with her neighbors and the YLD members. She also found the chance to depict Tikkun Olam inspiring. “I thought a lot about the sun, the stars and our universe. Everything in our world is so interconnected. Every aspect is dependent on one another.”

 The tiles are colorful and eye-catching. When assembled together, it will be permanently installed in the new program center on the Brighton campus.


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