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JCHE Celebrates Passover Seder

Posted: April 14, 2017

Reinforcing the strong sense of community that we believe is the lynchpin to healthy aging, each year, JCHE hosts a Passover Seder at all four of our campuses.   

At our Brighton campus and at our Coleman House, JCHE’s Rabbinic intern, Moshe Givental, conducted a multicultural Seder. Reading from a newly revised edition of the Haggadah translated into English, Russian, Mandarin, and Hebrew, Moshe invited residents representing our Russian and Chinese communities to read passages from the book in their native languages.

Because JCHE is home to seniors of all backgrounds, religions, and beliefs, our multicultural Seder celebrates freedom for all people—regardless of race, ethnicity, or religion—who have fled oppression or who have been displaced from their homes.

Everyone felt included, welcome and wanted at the event.

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At our Golda Meir House, due to the ongoing modernization project, we weren’t able to have our traditional Passover Seder--so we improvised! Residents and staff had a wonderful time participating in our first annual "Passport to Passover" program—a series of fun Passover educational activities spread over three days. The week began with a Passover singalong, followed by a Dr. Seuss-style Haggadah participatory reading. Residents then enjoyed a Charoset making class led by Moshe (Charoset is an essential Seder food combining chopped apples, raisins, and walnuts in a sweet, spiced red wine sauce), and Passover Jeopardy led by JCHE President Amy Schectman. We look forward to incorporating these activities into Golda’s traditional Passover Seder in the years to come!

tl_files/images/Seder2017_Golda1.jpg tl_files/images/Seder2017_Golda2.jpg

And finally at our Shillman House, we hosted a traditional Passover Seder--one of our most popular holiday celebrations.

tl_files/images/Seder2017_Shillman1.jpg tl_files/images/Seder2017_Shillman2.jpg


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