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JCHE hosts both mayoral candidates in the Boston race

Posted: October 31, 2013

JCHE's auditorium was filled with 200 seniors -- residents of JCHE and Rogerson Communities -- to hear each of the Boston mayoral candidates state their prioirties for senior services. The forum was co-sponsored by JCHE and Rogerson Communities, and co- moderated by JCHE's CEO Amy Schectman and Rogerson's James Seagle. Senator Marty Walsh and City Councillor John Connolly appeared separately at the forum and each had an opportunity to discuss the new programs they would invest in, as well as the services that they programs that needed improvement and/or expansion.

During her introduction, Amy indicated that despite the fact that the election was just days away,both candidates readily agreed to attend the forum. This is an interest group that Boston's next mayor wants to pay attention to.

Each of the candidates expressed sincere interest in making life easier, more accessible and more affordable for Boston seniors. Senator Walsh discussed cutting the MBTA Ride fares and encouraging hospitals to provide transporation services to patients needing medical attention. He also indicated interest in making city goverment more accessible to the city's very diverse non-English speaking population. He stated a firm commitment to funding for adult day health services and senior care. His focus on getting discounts from Comcast for older adults drew applause.

City Councillor Connolly also highlighted lowering the fares for The Ride, improving the Senior Shuttle and seeking bus discounts. He identified the need for more senior housing as well as real discounts for food and drugs. The audience clapped when he explained his interest in expanding the senior volunteer program that offers meaningful opportunities and a stipend. He also stated his support for adult day health and other senior programs.

The forum was very successful. It was quite evident that the concerns of the city's older adults will be at the forefront of priorities whether the winner is Mayor Walsh or Mayor Connolly.

(photos left to right): Amy Schectman and James Seagle; Senator Marty Walsh; City Councillor John Connolly

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