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JCHE presents at ASA Conference in Chicago

Posted: March 13, 2013

The early hour (an 8 am workshop!) did not deter a roomful of conference attendees from learning about managing at-risk tenants in senior housing. The panel of experts included Laura Isenberg and Richard Lally from JCHE's Golda Meir House, along with Kathy Burnes and Marsha Frankel from Jewish Family &Children Service of Boston.

The discussion focused on ART -- meetings about at-risk tenants -- that bring people together to strategize about ways to approach challenging situations so that residents can be safe and age in their homes with dignity. The presenters talked about the partnerships that we have formed in the community in order to best serve those at-risk, For JCHE, those partners have included public health nurses, mental health clinican, police, doctors, family members.The presenters conveyed a unified message. 

The 30+ attendees had many questions which were seamlessly answered, clearly demonstrating the panel's sensitivity, knowledge and experience. The comments as people left the session were very positive and indicated interest in trying out this approach when back at work.

Thanks to Jennifer Miller and Francine Godfrey for contributing to this post.

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