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JCHE resident visits community in Ukraine that JCHE has assisted for years

Posted: January 9, 2013

Maria, one of our Brighton tenants who is also a Knitting Project volunteer visited Beit Baruch in Dnepropetrovsk (Dnep), Ukraine in August, 2012. JCHE has been actively involved in the development of this unique and vitally necessary senior housing.

Our Knitting Project volunteers made some gifts of scarves and shawls for Beit Baruch residents in 2011-2012. They had been inspired by a video shown in March by JCHE Director of Fitness Francine Godfrey about the Jewish community in Dnep. Francine has been very active in the development of Beit Baruch over the past years. After watching the video Maria told me that she was born in Dnep. She was planning to go to Russia and Ukraine the next summer to revisit the places where she was born, lived, went to college etc. She asked me for the address and phone number of Beit Baruch and I gave this information to her. Last September she called and told me that she visited Dnep and took some pictures there. I asked her to come to our Knitting Project meeting in December to share her experience and to show the pictures to our volunteers who had knitted for the Beit Baruch residents.

Maria came to our Knitting meeting on December 11 and shared this story:

When in Dnep Maria called Beit Baruch and they invited her to come and visit them. When she mentioned that she did not have any relatives or friends living in the city of her birth they invited her to stay with them for a couple of days. Maria was lucky that they had a room available for a short period of time. So she lived there among the residents, made friends with some of them and took pictures of their everyday life. It was very interesting for our knitters to have an insider view of the life there. Together with Maria they were very impressed by all the work that has been done by the Jewish community in Dnep and supported by the Boston community. I told them that support has primarily come from Combined Jewish Philanthropies and the Jewish Community Relations Council (JCRC). 

Our volunteers have already knitted and crochet several shawls and scarves for the next visit to Dnep. They continue their work with greater enthusiasm after this meeting.

The photo shows the scarves on display at Beit Baruch.

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Comment by Francine | 01/09/2013

Thank you so much Tatiana. Its a wonderful story!