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JCHE residents catch the Zumba beat!

Posted: January 10, 2013

For those seeking exercise, relaxation and fun, the Zumba classes at the Brighton campus and Golda Meir House are the place to be. Zumba is a dance fitness program designed to get people moving while having fun. And, judging from the enthusiasm in the room, the classes at JCHE are on target!

Corrie, the instructor, punctuates the classes with smiles and encouragement. She is passionate about her work and knowledgeable about both dance and the fitness needs of seniors. She was inspired to become a physical trainer when her Nana began losing her range of movement. The doctor’s were not doing anything, so Corrie began to do exercises with her. As her grandmother’s movement improved, Corrie’s career path became evident. She believes that exercise helps seniors keep their bodies and minds working.

 For JCHE classes, Corrie has adapted Zumba Gold, a program created for people in their 60s. Most JCHE participants are 70+ so Corrie has made some modifications. She has halved the tempo of her routines. She has also adapted the dance moves to a seated position for residents who cannot stand.

 And while Corrie keeps all the arms, shoulders, hips, wrists, fingers, and toes moving, everyone is having a great time. Residents say that Zumba is at once energizing and relaxing. They love how Corrie cheers them on. She does sincerely. “You guy’s are so good!”  It’s easy to see why Corrie is so inspired: the Golda residents dance with boundless energy throughout the entire session.

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