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JCHE Residents Make Joyful Connections! with Barn Babies

Chicks and Goats and a Pig, Oh My!

Posted: September 1, 2016

Participants in the Joyful Connections! program at JCHE’s Brighton campus were treated to a visit from Barn Babies Traveling Petting Zoo on September 1. Joyful Connections! is JCHE’s social drop-in club for JCHE's Brighton residents with memory loss. The Barn Babies staff arrived with baby goats, kittens, puppies, bunnies, chicks, ducklings, and even a potbellied pig. (The pig was the most popular, of course!) Residents and their families and friends (and JCHE staff!) thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to hold and interact with these adorable animals. The pictures below speak for themselves.

tl_files/2016/Barn Babies/20160901_103537.jpg tl_files/2016/Barn Babies/20160901_102019.jpg tl_files/2016/Barn Babies/20160901_095902 (1).jpgtl_files/2016/Barn Babies/20160901_102955.jpg tl_files/2016/Barn Babies/20160901_103228.jpg tl_files/2016/Barn Babies/20160901_101110.jpg

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