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JCHE's Secret

Posted: July 9, 2013

JCHE's Shillman House in Framingham, MA has been in existence for over two years. One great measurement of success is that we have a growing wait list for our apartments. Of course, we wish we could immediately serve all the request from the people who would love to live here! It’s Shillman House’s second birthday and now is a good time to reflect on why we are thriving.

As the Marketing Director my phone rings many times a day with very interested people inquiring about living in the Shillman House. The majority of callers are either the person or couple shopping for their own needs or it may be an adult child inquiring for their parents - most callers know that we are a community for people above the age of 62, we offer support to enable people to age in community and that we serve a  ‘mixed income’ population. They also assume that we have a connection to the Jewish community. (we are non-sectarian and welcoming to all)

My role is to educate interested parties on what we have to offer, to listen to their unique needs and help people to have realistic expectations about life at Shillman (which we always exceed!) and to help get the ball rolling in regards to the paperwork and the general move in process.

So? - What is causing all the community-wide interest in moving to the Shillman House and all the positive ‘word of mouth’ reviews? No doubt we’re a great value - we offer a still new beautiful building filled with donated art pieces, we have cutting edge fitness equipment, we use green energy, we have a well supplied art room, a beauty salon - spa and a modern dinning area and kitchen to deliver excellent nightly sit down dinners.  We have intergenerational programs, transportation and fabulous resident services. We are well staffed to maintain the building and to provide support to our residents. All great reasons that no doubt contribute to the ‘positive buzz’ that Shillman is a great place to live! That said, I think its something even more important: I believe it’s because the individuals and their families interested in the Shillman House or in all the other fabulous communities of JCHE create a feeling of positive activity, loving warmth and trust.

JCHE is a mission based non-profit. We exist solely for the well being of our residents. Our Board of Trustees, our management team, our employees, volunteers and donors are involved with JCHE out of love and concern for today’s residents and for those who may need us in the future. Going by what I witness from the professional team on a daily basis I see our team engaged with our residents with a feeling love and respect in everything they do. This isn’t something you can process or invent - either you have it or you don’t and as an organization, JCHE has it! That is why we thrive and will continue to do so.

Scott Brightman, Marketing Director at Shillman House, a JCHE community

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