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Karaoke at Shillman!

Posted: November 30, 2016

Every week, Framingham's Shillman House residents look forward to their music therapy sessions with Board Certified Music Therapist Wendy Krueger. Wendy uses singing, reminiscing, songwriting, drumming, and music-assisted exercise to elevate mood, decrease agitation, and help maintain self-esteem.

And so when Wendy was out sick, Shillman staff improvised by organizing a karaoke style sing along. As residents called out their requests, Resident Service Coordinator Jen punched them up on YouTube with the lyrics displayed on a projector. We sang "Hey There, You with the stars in your Eyes", "This Land is your Land", "My Girl", and a medley of Frank Sinatra tunes. We all decided that the lyrics to "Lean on Me" embody the spirit of the Shillman House community. Fun times were had by all as we danced and sang our hearts out! 

tl_files/images/ShillmanKaraoke.jpg tl_files/images/ShillmanKaraokeII.jpg

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