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Kick-off meeting for Celebration 2013 Event Committee!

Posted: February 15, 2013

Today was our kick-off meeting for the JCHE Spring Celebration 2013 event committee and we are energized! The committee is a wonderful group, and it includes many who are new to JCHE as well as those who have been hard-working supporters for years. Lynne Elfland, a co-chair for the event, welcomed everyone. Joan Slaby, who has lived at JCHE's Coleman House for 18 months, spoke to the group about her experience. She highlighted how JCHE has enabled her to stay independent which, at age 80, is something she so highly values. Speaking for all who live at JCHE, Joan thanked the committee for raising funds for programs and services that "give us our dignity."

The committee discussed the goals and format for this year's events. Information and tips were shared by Carol Hanover, chair of JCHE's Fund Development Committee, and Debbie Mann, a member of the committee who interned at Golda Meir House while she was earning her Social Work degree.

JCHE's Board Chair Merle Grandberg will be honored at this year's event!. JCHE Spring Celebration 2013 is Sunday, May 19 at 6 pm at the Westin Waltham Hotel. For more information about the event -- including registration --  click here. Or contact Marc at 617-912-8480 or


Top photo: Ellen Mittman, Merle Grandberg, Lynne Elfland

Botton left to right: Debbie Mann; Joan Slaby and Amy Schectman; Carol Hanover and Sarah Ovadia

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