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Posture Pop is JCHE’s Latest Fitness Sensation

Posted: March 1, 2018

“There is no excuse for not having good posture,” says Cynthia Thomas who teaches JCHE’s newest fitness sensation, “Posture Pop”—a class designed to improve posture through unique movements performed to pop music.

“Poor posture can lead to arthritis, back problems, and feeling fatigued. Standing up straight improves muscle efficiency, and will even help you feel more confident,” explains Cynthia, who doesn’t mince words when it comes to expressing just how critical good posture is to our overall health.

Cynthia’s class is rich in helpful tips for improving posture, including breathing techniques and paying attention to your posture when sitting.  

The theory underlying Posture Pop is that moving in ways that utilize almost every body part—feet, back, hands, arms, abs, neck, etc.—all while maintaining a straight back, cultivates proper posture habits at all times.  

"Posture Pop has been helpful. My legs feel better since starting the class and even my doctor praised the program,” says one enthusiastic participant.

Cynthia plays everything from Russian, Chinese and American pop songs to hip-hop and classical music, while encouraging class participants to focus on their posture with each move. 

Her class is just the latest addition to JCHE’s innovative array of fitness and wellness programs that include meditation, Zumba, Yoga, Tai chi, among many others. Because we know that a one-size-fits-all model doesn’t work when you’re teaching a diverse aging population with different needs and capabilities, our fitness staff is always looking for new and innovative approaches to improving our residents’ health and wellness.

As the Director of JCHE’s Fitness Program Francine Godfrey likes to say, “To age healthfully, you have to keep moving.” With its upbeat and culturally diverse music, Posture Pop achieves this goal with a bang…or better yet, a pop!  

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