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Recalling the spirit -- and poetry -- of a JCHE resident

Posted: February 6, 2013

From Maxine Bookless, Executive Director of Golda Meir House

Phyllis Chomiuk lived at Golda Meir House for many years. She was a creative, engaging and inspirational woman who radiated warmth wherever she went. Unfortunately, in her late 90s, she was no longer able to manage physically at Golda and moved to a nursing home. This was not an easy move for someone so full of life. Happily, the confines of the nursing home did not diminish her vitality. 

Phyllis wrote this poem at age 102 while confined to bed, with little stimulation and few visitors. This is quintessential Phyllis – finding a creative outlet to keep from feeling discouraged!

I received a copy of the poem from Phyllis' daughter Chris Reif with this lovely note:

"I read this at my Mom’s funeral.  She loved the staff’s spirit and attention. Thank you for all you have done to make Mom have a wonderful life at Golda."


Now that I am old and somewhat bold 
I'll wear my years for all to behold.
For life is a'fleeting and I'm depleting
Just trying to keep up with the flow! 

And I can get forlorn.

Thinking of whither and whether I goest.
As the journey goes on -- 
I too must go on --
Busy and doing the best that I can.

So with thankfulness and "a song in my heart"
I'll meet each day with a smile!
And with hope eternal I'll finish this journey
With wonder -- not thunder -- hopefully!   Amen.

Photos: In the top photo, Phyllis is doing one of her favorite activities: interacting with children as part of a JCHE Generations Together program.

In the bottom photo, Phyllis is standing before a reprint of an article about her that appeared in a JCHE publication. 

posted February 6, 2013

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