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Representative Katherine Clark tours Shillman House

Posted: March 12, 2014

Residents and staff were delighted to welcome Representative Clark to Shillman House . Rep Clark, whose 5th District includes Framingham, met with residents and toured the building's extensive common space to learn about life at JCHE. The Congresswoman and JCHE residents were mutually pleased to have the opportunity to meet one another. Representative Clark talked about her background in the State Legislature and her priority issues. During lunch in Shillman House's wonderful dining room, she asked residents to describe the decision process that led them to JCHE. Their stories of moving to be closer to family resonated with the Congresswoman whose own relatives live nearby. There was a swell of agreement among residents that living in senior housing was a significantly healthier option than living alone. Marjorie Fox, one of the building's first residents, spoke about the value of remaining self-reliant. She described her family's message when she was deliberating about a move to Shillman House. They urged her to "move while you still can or you'll end up in a nursing home or some place where you don't want to be." Many heads were nodding as she spoke. There was a look of pride throughout the room from the many others who made the decision to move to Shillman at a good time in their lives. 

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