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Rosh Hashanah Wishes for a Sweet New Year

Posted: September 11, 2018

The beginning of a New Year is always filled with great promise and excitement. I love it.

I especially love the preparation time—the reflections on the year gone by, the identification of aspirations for the year ahead, the moments to just stop and breathe in.

In many ways, the High Holidays offer a metaphor for life at JCHE: the combination of the quiet, private time (like when you close your door to your apartment) with meaningful interactions (the need to make it right with all friends and relatives) facilitated by living in community. And all imbued with the spirit of lovingkindness.

In years where the holidays “come early” they also coincide with my anniversary of coming to JCHE. I remain amazingly grateful to work here, and look to 5779 as a year of continued excellence, growth, and celebration.

Shanah tova-may you all find the year ahead filled with joyous moments and meaningful experiences.


Amy Schectman, President & CEO

Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly

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