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Shabbat Shalom!

Posted: March 20, 2014

Coleman House residents, eager to usher in a day of rest and reflection, now sponsor a Shabbat service one Friday each month. They found a gifted leader -- Julie Leavitt -- whose father-in-law lives at Coleman. Inspired by her love of Shabbat, Julie has assisted residents to create what she calls “a really sacred way for people to come together.” 

The service has been well received by residents of all faiths. They gather in the multipurpose room to light candles, sing songs, and recite prayers. The mood is joyful and participation is encouraged. In addition to lighting candles and singing songs, residents are asked to share what they are grateful for and what they would like to let go of from the week. They are asked to explain what Shabbat means to them in three words or less. Many residents share openly about their joys and their worries. “I’m surprised all the time by what they say- their openness really moves me,” says Julie.

The service ends with traditional blessings over wine and challah and of course, schmoozing and snacking. The highlight for Julie is getting to know the residents. “They are open-hearted and have a lot of wisdom, and they share it eagerly with each other and with me.”

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