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Shillman House makes continuing to live in Framingham possible

Posted: July 18, 2011

(left to right) Lillian Lipof, Claire Rubin and Mag Miller

Lillian Lipof, Claire Rubin and Mag Miller have each lived in Framingham well over 30 years. Thanks to Shillman House, they are able to continue to be residents of a town they have long called home. Earlier this week, they spent part of the afternoon sitting together in the building's 'Bistro', chatting over cold drinks and cookies. It was the open house for the community's computer center and a great opportunity to learn what the community offers. Following the presentation, all three signed up for the beginning computer class taught by an instructor who is available to help residents twice weekly.

Lillian will be celebrating her 90th birthday in September and is eager to know how to use a computer. "Even my six year old great granddaughter has her own computer. I am a curious person and it's time that I know what a mouse does!"

Computer instruction is just one of the many reasons that these women are delighted to start this new phase of life in Framingham. The familiarity of the surroundings is a big plus. According to Mag, "I couldn't imagine starting somewhere new. At this point in my life, I don't want to begin looking for a new dentist and a new doctor." At the same time, remaining in their Framingham house was becoming increasingly difficult for Mag and her husband. "I got to a point where I didn't want to ever call a plumber or an electrician again," she explains. "I was done with all that!" The Millers sold their house. Two weeks ago, they moved into Shillman House.

Each of these women had been following the development process of Shillman House. They had each attended at least one hearing before the Framingham Zoning Board over the years to show their support for the project. "We Framingham seniors need affordable housing. We felt it should be a priority for the Town," said Mag.

Like her neighbors, Claire was very relieved that the timing of the building's opening coincided well with her plans to move. For a while, it looked as if she would be ready to move before the building was complete. "I had decided that Shillman House wasn't going to work out for me. But then I decided to call again to see if it was possible to apply -- and it was." Like Lillian and Mag, Claire is pleased to find that the waiting was well worth it!

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