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Shillman House: Senior Housing Community earns a Wow!

Posted: March 15, 2013

Shillman House will soon be celebrating its second birthday. In my job as Marketing Director I receive lots of incoming calls from prospective families interested in housing. The other day my phone rang and the caller was a local government official who most people in Framingham know. His mom now lives in Florida, she’s 81 years old and she’s thinking it’s time to move back home - she only wants to live in one place: The Shillman House.  When I first started we were too new to generate incoming calls like that. A few months ago I started to notice more of these calls but this particular call made me pause.

Shillman House has become a ‘brand’ all on its own – No doubt being associated with JCHECJP and the Jewish community (all powerful brands associated with goodness and quality) is a huge benefit; but, many if not most have no idea what our affiliation is. They know one thing – the word on the street is that Shillman House is a great place to live – getting back to the call from the government official, “Its where mom wants to live”.

For any senior housing community to earn a reputation like that doesn’t come easy. We are proud to serve a mix of people from different backgrounds, different stages in life, health and different financial means.  If ever the phrase ‘It takes a village’ has meaning it’s in this endeavor. What made Shillman House a ‘Wow!’ brand? The entire Team Shillman, each and every member. 

Scott Brightman, Marketing Director at Shillman House, a JCHE community
March 15, 2013

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