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The essence of community displayed in a senior housing exercise class

Posted: January 29, 2013

What I really love about the Golda Meir House Community is the sense of “ownership" so often displayed by our residents.  Last night I witnessed this in our dining room lounge.  The back story: several months ago our Fitness Director, Francine Godfrey arranged for a series of exercise classes designed specifically for arthritis relief. Classes were taught twice a week at 5:00 p.m.  When the classes ended, and the instructor moved on to another building, our residents were disappointed, so ….they took on the classes themselves. One resident leads the class ,and if she forgets a sequence, other participants remind her. 

Last night, about 25 people, came into the room, took a chair, sat down and chatted until  Galina began to lead the class.  It was like a dance, as everyone knew what was next and they floated though the simple movements. One resident, new to the group, was struggling a bit. Galina calmly approached him and repositioned his arm so he could stretch in the proper way.

A lovely sense of calm pervaded the room.  After class people chatted a bit, and then went to their apartments for dinner. 

This was all done without fuss.  No one is asking for special recognition.  Anyone who wants to join the class is warmly elcomed  In fact they wanted me to participate…which I will do some time soon!

This example is the essence of community: when residents take a problem, solve it and enhance the lives around them. 

Posted by Laura Isenberg, Golda Meir House Resident Services Administrator
January 29, 2013 

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