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The knitting needles around JCHE have been clicking away!

Posted: October 17, 2011

There are bound to be many smiles throughout the Boston area soon as children and parents of newborns receive the beautiful items knitted with love by JCHE residents.

Golda's Knitting Group created over 30 colorful blankets that were delivered to Children's Hospital last week. The hospital staff, acknowledging the quality of the blankets and the generosity of Golda residents, will distribute them to young patients as an expression of community caring and support. In a few weeks, a colorful collection of hats, mittens and scarves will be delivered to local shelters and schools in and around Boston to make the winter warmer for many children. Each of these lovely pieces comes with a not attached from the knitters: "Made with loving care for you to enjoy by a tenant of Jewish Community Housing for the Elderly."

In Brighton, an enthusiastic and dedicated group of knitters assembled 21 priceless bags brimming with handmade blanket, hats, socks and mittens. These gifts will be distributed by the Allston-Brighton Family Network. They present these one-time celebratory gifts to low-income families with newborns. JCHE has partnered with the Family Network for many years.

JCHE residents are proud of their work and delighted to be helping families in the community. Donations of yarn are always welcome -- and always put to great use! If you have yarn to donate, please contact Jessica Hamermesh, Director of Generations Together, at 617-614-5246.

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