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The Play's the Thing!

Posted: April 16, 2013

Over the past year or so, I have been nudging Charlie Raskin, one of our residents, to start a play reading group, similar to the one he coordinates at the BOLLI Lifelong Learning Institute at Brandeis. He was reluctant because he had so much going on with his Brandeis program. His time was so limited that he was unable to commit to serve as an advisor if a group of residents at Shillman was formed. 

On one of our snow days, however, he noticed a large group of residents hanging out in the bistro. So he went back to his apartment and returned with a play. They took on the different roles and read it aloud and had a really good time. The group's laughter convinced Charlie that this was something that needed to be continued. He joined forces with his next door neighbor Al Adelman and started an official play reading group.

The other day, they were performing Fools,which is a comic fable by Neil Simon. I stepped in for a few minutes and they were laughing so hard, people had a hard time getting out their lines. This program is a definite winner!

Jennifer Miller is Resident Service Coordinator at Shillman House, a JCHE community

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