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The pressure is on at Shillman's chopped liver cook-off!

Posted: November 17, 2011

The question asked recently at Shillman House was not "so what am I ...chopped liver? It was the inaugural Shillman Chopped Liver Cook-Off and the question on everyone's mind was "so who makes the best chopped liver?"

David Seltzer, Director of Dining Services, faced Mara Klein Collins, Marketing Manager. They are each formidable cooks, using their favorite recipe (their mothers' of course!) Clearly this was going to be a stiff competition.

The major differences between David's and Mara's versions: technique and ingredients. David went the traditional route, using a meat grinder and schmaltz (chicken fat). Mara used a Cuisinart and olive oil.

Over 30 residents were then put to the taste test. Many had grown up eating it at family gatherings. One resident, however, had a first taste of chopped liver at the Cook-Off. "I didn't grow up with this but it is so delicious." A veteran chopped liver eater said: "Not quite my mother's but very close." A greater compliment is not possible!

After very careful deliberations, the tasters made a decision -- but it was very close. Mara was chosen as the cook-off winner by one vote!

Next up -- David Seltzer will face Resident Service Coordinator Jen Miller at the Latkes Cook-Off. Stay tuned!!

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