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The Story of Freedom is Retold at JCHE Seders

Posted: March 21, 2013

Passover is a holiday that celebrates freedom -- and that's a message that is personally understood by many who live at JCHE. This week and next, model Seders will be held in each JCHE community. Like Seder tables everywhere, people of all backgrounds are gathering to retell the Exodus of the Jews out of bondage. The Haggadah fosters that celebration of diversity: it is written in English, Russian and Chinese so that all who are present can participate. Like Seders everywhere, these include the lighting of the holiday candles, the blessings over the wine, the explanation of the symbols on the Seder plate, and the enjoyment of a festive meal.

But the Seders at JCHE always feel fresh and unique. So many around the table have experienced their own Exodus. They have packed their bags and left places that were unwelcoming. They faced so many unknowns in their journey but continued in order to have an easier life, to watch their grandchildren thrive and to practice the religion of their choice. 

There is an overpowering sense of gratitude expressed at JCHE's Seders that goes well beyond appreciation for a delicious holiday meal. The 'thank yous' that are offered are for the peace of mind that residents feel now that they are  on the other side of a journey that has brought them to a community that is welcoming and caring.

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