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The wonders of a winter hat

Posted: December 13, 2013

Every year, the creative and prolific knitters from Coleman House, Golda Meir House and Shillman House create the most special gift -- hats and scarves for kindergarten students at the Potter Road School in Framingham. While JCHE residents find the knitting to be fun and relaxing, delivering the items to the Potter School is a most joyous event. The children greet their guests with songs in English and Portuguese. Then they have a wonderful time selecting their winter goodies from a table full of beautiful hand-knit items. JCHE knitters. along with literacy tutors from Temple Beth Eloheim, help the kids make their selection. The happiness in the room soars when the children discover that they can keep the hats and scarves. 

Each hat and scarf set is slightly unique in color and design. But each comes much caring and love from the JCHE knitters who are delighted to offer these gifts.

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