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Veterans Honored at Shillman House

Posted: November 9, 2012

A distinguished group of veterans, most of who had served in World War II and all of who now live at Shillman House, gathered today for a Veterans' Day tribute.  These were the individuals who flew the planes, sailed the seas and marched through the forests to bring the war to an end. As a group, they covered the globe. While serving with the Air Force, Navy and Army, they had been stationed in England, Belguim, France, Germany, Iwo Jima and Okinawa. At this special tribute, where they were joined by a Shillman resident who served in Korea and another who served in the Israeli Army, these men and women were recognized for their courage and patriotism. 

Larry Bazer, who serves as Rabbi at Temple Beth Sholom, participated in the tribute. He had served as Chaplain as part of the Massachusetts National Guard for 24 years including a recent tour in Afghanistan. He offered his appreciation to the veterans, stating "I salute you. It's all of you who helped bring freedom to our country."

Rabbi Bazer also directed his remarks to the many spouses in the audience. He acknowledged that everyone makes sacrifices during wartime.

He spoke of the soldiers' role to assist when stationed overseas. When in Afghanistan, Rabbi Bazer was part of an effort to build a school for Afghan boys and girls, He saluted our veterans and stated that the role of the veterans of our resident's era's role now is to" inspire those who follow in our footsteps and instill in them the joy of serving our country". 

This heartfelt tribute ended with a prayer offered by Rabbi Bazer and a recording of Taps. 

Top Photo: Standing (l-r) - Bernie Goldstein, Michael Freeman, Rabbi Larry Bazer, Jay Quinn, Gil Rolan, Andy Amato, Talk Bulkley, Mel Schneider, Larry Berch, Mel Gitner, Ed Yarckin.  
Seated (l-r) - Herb Nathanson, Irving Altman, Harry Aaronson, Jerry Lazarus, Milt Rothstein, Bob Weinstein, Sid Karsh

Bottom Photo: Rabbi Larry Bazer 

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