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War Veterans Remembered at Golda Meir House

Posted: November 14, 2011

Golda Meir House celebrated Veterans Day with its annual event honoring the veterans of WWII.  Each veteran was given a rose, and the wives of deceased veterans were also given a rose in honor of their husband's service.  It was noted that the average age today of people who served in WWII is 86, and that 850 veterans from The Greatest Generation die each day.  One of the tenants noted that Veterans Day was not celebrated after the war; that most people wanted to forget and move on from its horrors. A permamnent exhibit of tenants from all over the world who fought in WWII hangs on the back wall of our dining room.  Marylynn Goldhaber, the niece of tenant Sylvia Levitt, played songs from that era on the piano, and brought everyone together in a spirited homage to our veterans.


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