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What Do Yahoo! And Senior Housing Have In Common?

Posted: March 1, 2013

The Washington Post ran a very thoughtful piece earlier this week by opinion writer Ruth Marcus: A real Yahoo move.  Marcus opines about the CEO of Yahoo!, Marissa Mayer who has hit a nerve that deserves real thought and debate. Ms. Mayer just returned from two weeks of maternity leave and was recently in the news because she is the first woman to give birth while heading a Fortune 500 company!

What’s driving all the attention to Marissa Mayer is that she made a very controversial change in policy to end the company’s flexible location policies. In a memo issued last week, all employees were told they’d have to show up for work in the office or quit. No more working from the comforts of your home.

Ruth Marcus makes a case against this policy change. Yahoo!’s competitor Google works hard to entice their workers to want to come to the office every day (you have to take a look at their new office in Tel Aviv!).  Who’s right? Pros and cons….

So what does this debate have to do with JCHE, seniors and housing? Maybe this is a stretch but I think it’s a similar argument and debate that we should be having (but we are not) about the assumed virtues of aging in an isolating location or choosing as we get older to live in a vibrant community that nurtures interaction with friends and community.


Scott Brightman is Director of Marketing at Shillman House, as JCHE community 

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