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Wisdom from a JCHE resident: "...some people, with age, get their talents awaken."

Posted: January 30, 2013

Don’t stare in the TV the whole night; don’t spend all hours at the computer. Appreciate every minute of your life and the fact that you can see the sun; you can see dancing snowflakes, whispering pebbles; you have thoughtful hands that cook something tasty for your coming relatives. Live a life, create! Even delicious dinner - is also creativity. Every person is gifted in something. We have come a long road, and you know, old age – it is also courage, almost heroic deed.

These words were told me by an aged woman with bright earrings and fetching scarf artfully twisted around her neck. The day before I read a quote from a XVIII century Frenchman: “The talent does not compensate what the time destroys. The glory makes young only our name”; and I felt sadness and thought he was right. But today my sadness is gone. I was listening to my neighbor, admired and even envied her.

Yes, it is sometimes very difficult to retire. But some people, with age, get their talents awaken, bringing them depth of feelings and unleashing their creativity.

Tatyana Faynberg lives in JCHE's Genesis House community.

January 30, 2013


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