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Thank you, Cummings Foundation, for recognizing 2Life as part of the 2024 Cummings $30 Million Grant Program!


Making a difference for Boston's older adults

2Life depends on the generosity of partners and funders to infuse our communities with programs and resources that add purpose and joy to residents’ lives. With their support, we are able to provide services in all 2Life communities that go beyond the bricks-and-mortar of a place to live and make our communities places where senior adults can thrive. In addition, as government funds no longer fully support the construction and maintenance of our buildings, our donors now fill that gap.

2Life partners and funders include major corporations, foundations, generous individuals, primary schools, universities, hospitals and health insurers, local businesses and more. Whether through volunteering, sharing their expertise, making financial contributions, or contributing in other ways, each and every one of these supporters is making a difference for Boston-area older adults. We are so very grateful to those who believe in our work and commit their resources to our shared mission: to ensure that all seniors have the opportunity to thrive, regardless of their income level or background. Please join our community and be a part of our crucial work.

Thank you!

We offer the deepest thanks to our recent funders for their generous support of 2Life Communities and the aging in community model.

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