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Inclusive. Innovative. Game-changing. Life-changing.

At 2Life, we’re firm believers in the value of community living for senior adults over age 62. We’ve seen the life-changing effects when older adults come together in a supportive community that empowers independence, values their wisdom and experience, provides opportunities for connection and personal growth, and infuses each day with joy. And we’re on a game-changing mission to make this type of living affordable for every older adult in the Boston area.

We’re thought leaders, policy influencers, partners and innovators actively fighting every day for a better standard of living for senior adults. We’re also boots on the ground — building safe, inclusive communities that are not only affordable, but also enriching, uplifting environments where residents have the freedom and support they need to thrive. This is our mission and our calling. We’ve made great strides, and we’re poised to do even more. Won’t you join us?

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Discover what we call Defiantly Joyous Aging.

2Life is ushering in a new age of aging well by creating vibrant, supportive communities that are broadly affordable. We’re defying old norms to build a better standard of living that removes the income barrier to successful aging and creates communities where all seniors can live with purpose and joy.

The need for affordable living options is only going to grow.

The biggest demographic shift in history is happening now.
By 2030, 1 out of 5 Americans will be 65 or over.
- U.S. Census Bureau
The biggest concern for older Americans is finding affordable housing.
42% of Americans have less than $10,000 saved for retirement.

2Life Communities is dedicated to not only meeting the need, but also setting a new standard for enriching, community-based living options that empower older adults to feel connected, find purpose, and live with joy.