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2Life staff and volunteers outside of Shillman House in Framingham, MA
Giving time and resources to those in need bridges the gap between the individual and the community and provides services that support and enhance people’s lives. It also helps nonprofits do more with the resources they have. At 2Life, volunteering is built into almost every aspect of community life...
Gina Plata, chief of community life
Gina Plata, Chief of Community Life, shares her thoughts on the role and importance of volunteering in community life.
Alice Cutler, 2024 recipient of 2Life's L'Dor Vador award
At this year’s Raising the Roof gala on June 6, 2024, 2Life honors Alice Cutler for a lifetime of service.
Former 2Life board chair Jeff Sacks and current board chair Laura Efron
Outgoing 2Life board chair Jeff Sacks reflects on how far 2Life has come since he joined the board in 2011, while incoming board chair Laura Efron discusses her priorities in her new role.
J.J. Carroll ribbon cutting Pressley
An exciting project plus strong turnout and speakers netted significant news coverage for 2Life’s ribbon-cutting at J.J. Carroll House in Brighton.