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Merle and James Grandberg
Merle Grandberg’s relationship with and support for 2Life Communities began years ago, when her parents moved to Golda Meir House in Newton shortly before her mother passed away. “At Golda Meir House, my father became part of a community of people from similar backgrounds."
Mandy Mulliez
Building connections between older adults and the wider community is at the core of 2Life’s mission, and our internship program is one way we create life-changing, intergenerational experiences for residents and college students.
AJ Rais
For Ajmal “AJ” Rais, every day brings a new opportunity to create a better quality of life for others. As construction project manager, he is responsible for overseeing the countless details that go into a new 2Life building
Lizbeth Heyer, 2Life Vice President
Creating beautiful and functional places that support health and inspire joy is at the heart of our aging in community model.
JJ Carroll House Rendering
The spaces in which we live can have a profound impact on our mental and physical health. The right building design choices can inspire joy, human connection, and a celebration of life. A focus on creating light-filled, life-affirming spaces that are both beautiful and functional is at the heart of...